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Van's RV-10 Construction @ CCC Inc.Full Suspension Recumbent Bicycle Testing south of Moab Utah.Ross Hauck RV-7A 2004 Rocky Mntn. Regional Fly-In Best Kit Aircraft Award. Craig Hamm EAA Technical Advisor.CCC Inc. RV Wing Thing, 1/10 of 1 degree accurate assembly fixture.

Lancair IV-P/Turbine (750HP Walter) 1st flight; Carlos, Peter and Craig.Europa in assembly fixture.2.75# X-Frame Mntn. Bike Prototype.Van's RV-10    Tail Cone being riveted to cabin.Professional Composite Instruction, basic to advanced.Oshkosh Sportair Composite Workshops.


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CCC Inc. started 13+ years ago fabricating various means of high performance and state of the art transportation. These include Van's Aircraft RV-7, RV-8, RV-9, RV-10, Lancair 360, IV-P, IV-P/Turbine (750HP), Europa Mono/Trike, Glassair II,III, Cozy III, MK-IV, Long EZ's ; bicycles, boats & cars.

#1,   Experimental  kit-built aircraft builder assistance. Completions, sub-assemblies, minor to major repairs as well as personal training are available.

#2,   Rapid prototype development. In a long and diverse line of vehicles, CCC Inc. has developed a carbon graphite full suspension recumbent bicycle.  Smart & healthy transportation without gasoline.
Make a dream a reality at CCC Inc.


Kit built experimental aircraft to aerospace manufacturing.
Proof of concept? Tooling for mass production?  Carbon/graphite, Kevlar, fiberglass or aluminum. Fast fabrication for fast vehicles. Bottom line....

Peak Performance & Quality.

CCC Inc.
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